28 Oct



Why is There  confusion in the quality of  hair scissors and thinning scissors in the market place?

There are many Hair Scissors marked with  “Japan “ , “Made in Japan”,  Japan Steel etc  that  have no  Japanese Steel in them at all.  The steel is from China, Pakistan or elsewhere.

Copies  of reputable  brands in  hair scissors  and thinning scissors with inferior steel are flooding the market.

Japanese Steel is one of the  best in the world, that’s why they like to mark the scissor “Japan” .  There are no regulations in place in the hair scissor market to stop this deception.

 The quality of steel in Japanese hair scissors for example is:- SUS420J2, SUS440A, SUS440C, ATS314 , and  SG2 – Super Gold Micro steel.

Some markings on scissors are marked with some of the above, but have no Japanese steel in them at all.

The importance of quality steel in  scissors,  determines a  longer life, out lasts in performance and durability, and  saves you money in the long run.  When the Japanese hair scissors are   correctly sharpened,  the edge will  perform and stay sharp longer than other inferior scissors. The edge of the scissor will slice, scissor overcome and point cut  effortlessly and  smoothly.

To know what quality steel is in your scissors, you need to purchase a recognized original brand, or if  new brands come on the market, choose  from a supplier that specializes in hair scissors, thinning scissors and is reputable and knows the material used in the scissors.  Ask the scissor companies if they are original brands, what type of steel they are made from  and  are the scissors Japanese Steel, German Steel or Pakistan steel.

The steel is so bad in some of these inferior hair scissors that the steel crumbles when attempted to be sharpened and they loose their cutting edge after 1 – 4 weeks in use. Some have faulty adjusting screws which cannot be replace.

Some Wholesalers are charging hairdressers the same  prices for hair scissors and thinning scissors in inferior steel  which claim to have Japanese Steel. The price is sometimes more expensive than original Japanese Steel scissors. So be aware.  At you are guaranteed original brands, quality and assurance of Japanese steel. Most of our scissors are purchased from the factories guaranteeing you the quality and original brand.

Steel certificate from Japan available.



3 Oct



Pain in Wrist, Hand, Arm, Shoulder & Back


Eliminating and  or reducing pain in your wrist, arm shoulder or back by using the right  hair Scissors and hair thinning scissors.


Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

(RSI ) is caused by the repetitive motions of muscles such as those associated with the constant use of  scissor  cutting and can cause severe and sometimes debilitating pain, numbness and tingling.

To put it simply, cutting hair all day with an improperly designed hair scissors  can really hurt your hand, wrist, shoulder and back: in short, it can ruin your career.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Constant flexing and over extension of the thumb and fingers can cause irritation of the tendons in the wrist.  The tendons swell and put pressure on the nerve going to the hand resulting in numbness, tingling and pain.


Thoracic outlet Syndrome


Repeated lifting of the arm and shoulder can cause compression of the neurovascular bundle which provides blood circulation to the arm and hand.  The symptoms are similar to carpal tunnel including numbness in the arm and hand and the feeling of the arm “going to sleep”


Best Hair Scissors & Hair Thinning Scissors  available :- True  offset handles with a slight bend in the thumb which  gives the thumb  and fingers a more relaxing position. This scissor helps  reduce the pain and helps prevent  (RSI).

Swivel Thumb  is the ultimate best hair scissors  and hair thinning scissors available for RSI

If you are in pain, numbness, tingling in any of the areas already mentioned above, you can eliminate the pain by using hair scissors and Hair Thinning Scissors with a swivel thumb.

In the last 20 years we have changed so many hairdressers over to these scissors and it has eliminated  and reduced the problem.  Some were just about to have surgery or give up hairdressing. We requested they try these scissors and give them a couple of weeks.  Everyone we have told and has used these  hair scissors has been more than pleased and I have had no one that it hasn’t helped.

Swivel  thumb hair scissors and Hair Thinning Scissors  relaxes your thumb which releases tension in the wrist,  arm, shoulder and back.  The Teris  minor, supraspinatus  and Deltold  muscle is relaxed and the shoulder then drops down in a relaxed position without you knowing, when cutting.

Hairdressers see and try the Katana Swivel  Hair Scissors  and Hair Thinning scissors today for your comfort and wellbeing.


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Pain in Wrist, Hand, Arm, Shoulder & Back


Eliminating and  or reducing pain in your wrist, arm shoulder or back by using the right  Hair  Scissors and Hair Thinning scissors.


Hair Clippers – Maintenance

3 Oct



Oil Blades Regularly

Ninety percent  of cutting problems are created by not enough hair clipper oil being used on the blades.  The top blade of all electric hair clippers is moving at a tremendous speed across the bottom blade and if oil is not used prior to each thick hair cut the non oiled blade will wear and the cutting edge will not perform properly. Also the oil helps to clear the hair particles from the blade which also assists cutting. 

Its also important to use oils specially formulated  oil for electric hair clippers. Other oils  will effect  performance of cutting, will restrict blade as too thick and sticky. Use Wahl clipper Oil as it specially made for clippers. Turn clippers on and oil along blades.

PROBLEM:       NOT ENOUGH POWER (not cutting)

CORRECTION:   Adjust tuning Screw. Use a screw driver or knife. Turn Hair  Clippers on and adjust tuning screw on the right hand side of clipper to clockwise until you hear a clattering noise.  Then turn back anti -clockwise until the point where clattering noise is gone. That’s the best point where the most power will  power your blades.

PROBLEM:    BLADES NOT ALIGNED PROPERLY, pulling hair or nipping.


CORRECTION:  Realign Blades.  Check the above first ” tuning screw  and correct.” Then realign blades till the small  front  blade is just  slightly under the big bottom  blade when the adjusting arm  on the left is in the up position. If small  front blade is too close to the bottom blade the hair clippers   will nip the skin. Need a screw  driver.


CORRECTION: Turn on hair clippers and Oil blades with proper clipper oil running the oil along the the entire top of the blades.  If the hair clippers are still not cutting after oiling, adjusting  the tuning screw and realigning blades, then they  may need new blades if old or damaged. Put new blades on and use the instructions above on “Realign Blades.”



(Large blade)                   (Small Blade)


27 Sep



About Negative Ions:  Millions of Negative Ions break the water molecules rather than boiling them like a conventional Hair Dryer or  Hair Straightener.

Negative ions maintains safety of the environment and our health.

Reduces drastically level of EMF (ELECTRIC MAGNETIC FIELDS)

Negative ions produce positive energy and infuses moisture into the hair shaft.  Negative ions also help to reduce frizziness and static electricity while leaving hair shiny and healthy.

Summary Of Improving Hair


  • Improves moisture balance by infusing  moisture into hair shaft
  • Replenishes & helps seal the cuticle
  • Approximately 50% faster drying time
  • Reduces Frizziness & static electricity
  • Leaves hair shiny and healthy
  • Good for your health & environment


Advanced technology: negative ions with ceramic heat, ceramic plates and coils.


Why should Hair dryers and Hair Straighteners combine the ceramic plates, ceramic heating element with negative ion technology?

  • Ceramic heating element & Ceramic Plates maintains even temperature all the time.
  • Ceramic will produce negative ions to.
  • Seals the Cuticle
  • Repels Humidity
  • Locks in hair color and retards fading
  • Ceramic heat will ensure the penetration of the silk molecules to the hair
  • Traditional copper coil heat in most hair dryers can cause more damage and dry the hair.

Available in:-  Wahl 3000 Ionic HAIR Dryers, Wahl 5000 Ionic Hair Dryers & Wahl Complement x 4 Quiet and Light Hair Dryers. Wahl 5 in One Hot Air Styler, Cutek – Hair Straighteners


25 Sep

Getting Left Handed Hairdressing Scissors Right

Heard this before?  These scissors are interchangeable from right to left.

Or  left handed hairdressers should be able to use right handed hairdressing  scissors and  or left hand hairdressing scissors?

True left handed haircutting  scissors  (LH) are a mirror image of right handed  (RH) scissor.

 They’re not the same, the “blades and handles” are opposite.  You can’t convert a RH scissor to a LH scissor. If you put the adjustable screw assembly over to the opposite side of the scissor and change the finger rest over to the other finger hole and flip the scissor over its still a right hand scissor.

< handle –  Left hand Scissor


     1.  Are my Scissors a real left Handed   Scissor?

                                                                                    Right hand Scissor




2. My hairdressing  scissors are Right Handed but I am left handed . Should I buy a pair of Left Handed Scissors?

Not necessarily.  If you are  a junior or have been cutting less than five years it would be advisable to buy  a pair of left handed hairdressing scissors and learn how to use them.  On the other hand if you have been using RH hairdressing scissors for over 10 years and not experiencing any hand pain (RSI)  or the hair bending over at times, it may be better for you to buy RH  scissors . The reason I say this is that your hand and mind have adapted to the “crab grip” pressure needed to use RH scissors and it may be difficult to change at this stage.

3. Whats the advantage of changing to Left handed hairdressing scissors?

Many left handed hairdressers who use RH scissors have difficulty with certain techniques.

a)    In particular  cutting close to the skin and around perimeters.

b)   Slide cutting and slicing.

c)    Scissor over comb.

This is because their RH hairdressing scissors must always be used with reverse pressure to cut. Unfortunately it is very difficult to maintain reverse pressure on every technique and the scissors tend to fold hair. Also tend to loosen the adjustment more often.

If you  learn to use left handed hairdressing  Scissors these techniques will become much easier and your  haircutting scissors will cut smoother and stay sharper longer because you don’t need to over use pressure.

4.  I have just bought a left handed hairdressing scissor and its folding hair and pinching. What’s wrong?

You are still using reverse pressure! Your hand needs to “re-learn” how to cut with your new hairdressing scissors.

I suggest you practice relaxing your hand, keeping  your thumb straight and cutting naturally. A thicker insert for the thumb hole is a good idea so you can’t pull with the thumb.

Purchasing Left Handed Hairdressing Scissors & Servicing:-  There is a need to purchase a good quality left hand  hairdressing scissor from a well established scissor company that sharpens and knows the best brands for left hander’s by there long time experience. Left handed hairdressing scissors should have an  adjustable screw as most left handed hairdressers loosen there scissors quickly, which causes the hair to fold. Also some manufacturers and  sharpeners do not have the expertise to finish left hand  scissors off properly.  Many a sharpener has ruined left handed hairdressing  scissors by putting the edge on the wrong side, this cannot be corrected  and the scissor will not cut and you will then need to buy a new pair of left handed hairdressing scissors .


25 Sep
Also hair cuts for children  have always been  difficult in some Australian Salons.  There are many renowned hair dressers in Australia  that take great care while using there haircutting  scissors for childrens hair.

Professional hairdressers , start their hair dressing session by washing the hair of the child, depending on the child.  They generally use shampoos for cleaning the hair. After cleaning the hair, the child is made to sit on a lifted chair. Once the child sits comfortably on a chair and the hair dresser put a childs cape and wraps a towel or cotton cloth around the childs  shoulders so that cut hair does not fall on the clothes. If the cut hair falls on the childs body then the child may feel itchy. It may cause him / her to move a lot, which can ultimately cause the hair cutting session to get messed up.

Children  generally move a lot and many times cry. So, patience and cool head are two of the important characteristic features of a good hairdresser. These professionals always try to keep the head of kids straight as they tend to slant their heads. Usually the hair cutting session starts from the back of head. The bottom of hair is trimmed first.

The success of good hair cut , lies in the angles in which the hair is cut. Hair cutting of children  starts from the neckline, use a blunter point hair cutting scissors if possible.  However, many hair dressers  prefer to start cutting hair from the top of the head. In such a case they take length of the hair as their guide. Then they cut the rest of the hair by keeping the height of the hairs in parity with that of the top of the head.

If the the hairdresser starts the hair cutting from the neckline then they start their dressing from the back of the head. In this place the first place where they start cutting is the area around the ear. They start from the top part of the ear and gradually move down. To make the hair down, spray water on them. Once the haircutting scissor comes down by the side of the ear, the cut gets continued to the neckline at 45 degree angle.

Once hair cutting at the back of the head gets completed, the hairdresser moves to the up the head from the sides. At both sides of the head the slanting has a 45 degree angle. The last step involves cutting hair at the frontal part of the head. The hairdresser always keep in mind that the length of the hair throughout the head of the kid remains constant.

Some children have  cowlicks.  If your child has such a cowlick then the hairdresser will leave the hair longer so that the entire head looks good and evenly cut. Remember if your haircutting scissors have been sharpened over a period of time, they may have become to pointy. Its best to use haircutting scissors that the points are more rounded, newer scissors not sharpened.


12 Sep


Curved blade verses Straight Blade. Why all the difference in cutting?

  1. The Katana Perfect series Hairdressing Scissors  will give you straight lines because the curved cutting edge of the Katana Perfect hairdressing scissors maintains a perfect opening angle and optimum cutting performance along the entire length of the blade. Whether cutting along the full length of the blade or right at the tips,  with  Katana Perfect series hairdressing scissors you will use fewer cuts and get better, straighter lines.
  1. When just the tips of your katana perfect hairdressing scissors are being used, the perfect opening angle is maintained  PRECISION  CHIPPING. (straight blades the angle is considerably smaller)
  1. Katana Perfect hairdressing scissors guarantees amazingy smooth, soft cutting, perfect slice-cut action and an even wear along the blades.
  1. The tendency to push the hair is reduced &  repeated trimming of uneven cut hair is unnecessary.

FACTS:   It is scientifically proven that the optimum cutting position of conventional straight bladed scissors is in the middle of the blade within a limited opening angle. With straight blades the opening angle varies along the length  of the blade reaching 90* with the blades wide open. Perfect  curved blade gives you the ideal opening angle which makes all the difference.  This means that however far you open the blades the opening angle is always the same, guaranteeing precise, straight cutting along the entire length of the blade. Your blades  wear more evenly.


Photo  shows the opening angle varies along the length of the straight blade, with hairdressing scissors wide open, and with tips only the angle is much smaller with the straight blades

Photo above shows the optimum opening angle with the curved blades wide open and when  just the tips are being used, the perfect angle of the hairdressing scissor blade is maintained.