29 Aug



1. Scissor sharpening is a precision skill and it takes many years to  master scissor sharpening techniques.  Haircutting scissors have to be precise in the setting, balance and  sharpening angle of the blade.

2.  For example it takes over 10 -15 years to train a scissor sharpener in sharpening left handed  hairdressing scissors.  Because there is not as many left handed scissors to practice on most Scissor sharpeners cannot sharpen left hand scissors precisely even when they have been scissor sharpening  for many years.

3.  All manufacturers  brands of professional quality hairdressing scissors have a different finish on their blades and angles according to their metals they use and the purpose of use of the haircutting scissor or hair thinning scissor.


4.  If  hairdressing  scissors are sharpened not according to the manufacturers’ specifications then the life of your hairdressing scissors is dramatically shortened and in some cases cannot be sharpened and restored to manufacturers standard. Simply we cannot put steel back when sharpened incorrectly and this will cost you more as you will need to purchase a new hairdressing  scissor more frequently.


Hairdressing Scissors should be sharpened to the manufacturers specifications because this extends the life of the hair  scissor, retains the sharp edge longer and saves you money.

Scissor sharpeners need to be fully qualified, well experienced, knowing the manufacturers specifications and have  the right equipment to sharpen your  hair scissors.

7 stages of sharpening  for the  ultimate finish



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