7 Sep



  • Cut only hair with your haircutting  scissors.
  • Wipe your haircutting  scissors “blades” daily with a soft, dry Cloth or tissue to remove moisture & hair.

Clean haircutting scissors with methylated spirits only.  Never use any salon  disinfectant or other abrasive chemicals on your haircutting scissors as the chemicals in the disinfectant will corrode all scissor metals.

  •  Once a week, after cleaning use  one drop of light oil where the pivot (screw) area is opening and closing gently the blades to work in the oil.
  • Never over tighten your haircutting scissors or thinning scissors as this causes damage to both blades

Micro Cloth & Camelia oil is the finest to use oil to use on your haircutting scissors


Under normal use hairdressing scissors and thinning scissors  become loose in time. Tighten the screw until the scissor when opened falls on its own and stops about 1 cm from the handles. Never over tighten  haircutting  scissors as this takes life off the blades.

If your hairdressing scissors blades are damaged and have a nick in the blade, its best not to use them as the nick becomes larger on the blade and also will shorten the life of the scissor. Send them to an experienced reputable scissor sharpener. An example picture  of nicks in a hairdressing scissors from cutting something other than hair or dropping scissor.

scissor sharpener @


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