12 Sep


Curved blade verses Straight Blade. Why all the difference in cutting?

  1. The Katana Perfect series Hairdressing Scissors  will give you straight lines because the curved cutting edge of the Katana Perfect hairdressing scissors maintains a perfect opening angle and optimum cutting performance along the entire length of the blade. Whether cutting along the full length of the blade or right at the tips,  with  Katana Perfect series hairdressing scissors you will use fewer cuts and get better, straighter lines.
  1. When just the tips of your katana perfect hairdressing scissors are being used, the perfect opening angle is maintained  PRECISION  CHIPPING. (straight blades the angle is considerably smaller)
  1. Katana Perfect hairdressing scissors guarantees amazingy smooth, soft cutting, perfect slice-cut action and an even wear along the blades.
  1. The tendency to push the hair is reduced &  repeated trimming of uneven cut hair is unnecessary.

FACTS:   It is scientifically proven that the optimum cutting position of conventional straight bladed scissors is in the middle of the blade within a limited opening angle. With straight blades the opening angle varies along the length  of the blade reaching 90* with the blades wide open. Perfect  curved blade gives you the ideal opening angle which makes all the difference.  This means that however far you open the blades the opening angle is always the same, guaranteeing precise, straight cutting along the entire length of the blade. Your blades  wear more evenly.


Photo  shows the opening angle varies along the length of the straight blade, with hairdressing scissors wide open, and with tips only the angle is much smaller with the straight blades

Photo above shows the optimum opening angle with the curved blades wide open and when  just the tips are being used, the perfect angle of the hairdressing scissor blade is maintained.


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