25 Sep
Also hair cuts for children  have always been  difficult in some Australian Salons.  There are many renowned hair dressers in Australia  that take great care while using there haircutting  scissors for childrens hair.

Professional hairdressers , start their hair dressing session by washing the hair of the child, depending on the child.  They generally use shampoos for cleaning the hair. After cleaning the hair, the child is made to sit on a lifted chair. Once the child sits comfortably on a chair and the hair dresser put a childs cape and wraps a towel or cotton cloth around the childs  shoulders so that cut hair does not fall on the clothes. If the cut hair falls on the childs body then the child may feel itchy. It may cause him / her to move a lot, which can ultimately cause the hair cutting session to get messed up.

Children  generally move a lot and many times cry. So, patience and cool head are two of the important characteristic features of a good hairdresser. These professionals always try to keep the head of kids straight as they tend to slant their heads. Usually the hair cutting session starts from the back of head. The bottom of hair is trimmed first.

The success of good hair cut , lies in the angles in which the hair is cut. Hair cutting of children  starts from the neckline, use a blunter point hair cutting scissors if possible.  However, many hair dressers  prefer to start cutting hair from the top of the head. In such a case they take length of the hair as their guide. Then they cut the rest of the hair by keeping the height of the hairs in parity with that of the top of the head.

If the the hairdresser starts the hair cutting from the neckline then they start their dressing from the back of the head. In this place the first place where they start cutting is the area around the ear. They start from the top part of the ear and gradually move down. To make the hair down, spray water on them. Once the haircutting scissor comes down by the side of the ear, the cut gets continued to the neckline at 45 degree angle.

Once hair cutting at the back of the head gets completed, the hairdresser moves to the up the head from the sides. At both sides of the head the slanting has a 45 degree angle. The last step involves cutting hair at the frontal part of the head. The hairdresser always keep in mind that the length of the hair throughout the head of the kid remains constant.

Some children have  cowlicks.  If your child has such a cowlick then the hairdresser will leave the hair longer so that the entire head looks good and evenly cut. Remember if your haircutting scissors have been sharpened over a period of time, they may have become to pointy. Its best to use haircutting scissors that the points are more rounded, newer scissors not sharpened.


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