25 Sep

Getting Left Handed Hairdressing Scissors Right

Heard this before?  These scissors are interchangeable from right to left.

Or  left handed hairdressers should be able to use right handed hairdressing  scissors and  or left hand hairdressing scissors?

True left handed haircutting  scissors  (LH) are a mirror image of right handed  (RH) scissor.

 They’re not the same, the “blades and handles” are opposite.  You can’t convert a RH scissor to a LH scissor. If you put the adjustable screw assembly over to the opposite side of the scissor and change the finger rest over to the other finger hole and flip the scissor over its still a right hand scissor.

< handle –  Left hand Scissor


     1.  Are my Scissors a real left Handed   Scissor?

                                                                                    Right hand Scissor




2. My hairdressing  scissors are Right Handed but I am left handed . Should I buy a pair of Left Handed Scissors?

Not necessarily.  If you are  a junior or have been cutting less than five years it would be advisable to buy  a pair of left handed hairdressing scissors and learn how to use them.  On the other hand if you have been using RH hairdressing scissors for over 10 years and not experiencing any hand pain (RSI)  or the hair bending over at times, it may be better for you to buy RH  scissors . The reason I say this is that your hand and mind have adapted to the “crab grip” pressure needed to use RH scissors and it may be difficult to change at this stage.

3. Whats the advantage of changing to Left handed hairdressing scissors?

Many left handed hairdressers who use RH scissors have difficulty with certain techniques.

a)    In particular  cutting close to the skin and around perimeters.

b)   Slide cutting and slicing.

c)    Scissor over comb.

This is because their RH hairdressing scissors must always be used with reverse pressure to cut. Unfortunately it is very difficult to maintain reverse pressure on every technique and the scissors tend to fold hair. Also tend to loosen the adjustment more often.

If you  learn to use left handed hairdressing  Scissors these techniques will become much easier and your  haircutting scissors will cut smoother and stay sharper longer because you don’t need to over use pressure.

4.  I have just bought a left handed hairdressing scissor and its folding hair and pinching. What’s wrong?

You are still using reverse pressure! Your hand needs to “re-learn” how to cut with your new hairdressing scissors.

I suggest you practice relaxing your hand, keeping  your thumb straight and cutting naturally. A thicker insert for the thumb hole is a good idea so you can’t pull with the thumb.

Purchasing Left Handed Hairdressing Scissors & Servicing:-  There is a need to purchase a good quality left hand  hairdressing scissor from a well established scissor company that sharpens and knows the best brands for left hander’s by there long time experience. Left handed hairdressing scissors should have an  adjustable screw as most left handed hairdressers loosen there scissors quickly, which causes the hair to fold. Also some manufacturers and  sharpeners do not have the expertise to finish left hand  scissors off properly.  Many a sharpener has ruined left handed hairdressing  scissors by putting the edge on the wrong side, this cannot be corrected  and the scissor will not cut and you will then need to buy a new pair of left handed hairdressing scissors .


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