27 Sep



About Negative Ions:  Millions of Negative Ions break the water molecules rather than boiling them like a conventional Hair Dryer or  Hair Straightener.

Negative ions maintains safety of the environment and our health.

Reduces drastically level of EMF (ELECTRIC MAGNETIC FIELDS)

Negative ions produce positive energy and infuses moisture into the hair shaft.  Negative ions also help to reduce frizziness and static electricity while leaving hair shiny and healthy.

Summary Of Improving Hair


  • Improves moisture balance by infusing  moisture into hair shaft
  • Replenishes & helps seal the cuticle
  • Approximately 50% faster drying time
  • Reduces Frizziness & static electricity
  • Leaves hair shiny and healthy
  • Good for your health & environment


Advanced technology: negative ions with ceramic heat, ceramic plates and coils.


Why should Hair dryers and Hair Straighteners combine the ceramic plates, ceramic heating element with negative ion technology?

  • Ceramic heating element & Ceramic Plates maintains even temperature all the time.
  • Ceramic will produce negative ions to.
  • Seals the Cuticle
  • Repels Humidity
  • Locks in hair color and retards fading
  • Ceramic heat will ensure the penetration of the silk molecules to the hair
  • Traditional copper coil heat in most hair dryers can cause more damage and dry the hair.

Available in:-  Wahl 3000 Ionic HAIR Dryers, Wahl 5000 Ionic Hair Dryers & Wahl Complement x 4 Quiet and Light Hair Dryers. Wahl 5 in One Hot Air Styler, Cutek – Hair Straighteners


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