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Pain in Wrist, Hand, Arm, Shoulder & Back


Eliminating and  or reducing pain in your wrist, arm shoulder or back by using the right  hair Scissors and hair thinning scissors.


Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

(RSI ) is caused by the repetitive motions of muscles such as those associated with the constant use of  scissor  cutting and can cause severe and sometimes debilitating pain, numbness and tingling.

To put it simply, cutting hair all day with an improperly designed hair scissors  can really hurt your hand, wrist, shoulder and back: in short, it can ruin your career.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Constant flexing and over extension of the thumb and fingers can cause irritation of the tendons in the wrist.  The tendons swell and put pressure on the nerve going to the hand resulting in numbness, tingling and pain.


Thoracic outlet Syndrome


Repeated lifting of the arm and shoulder can cause compression of the neurovascular bundle which provides blood circulation to the arm and hand.  The symptoms are similar to carpal tunnel including numbness in the arm and hand and the feeling of the arm “going to sleep”


Best Hair Scissors & Hair Thinning Scissors  available :- True  offset handles with a slight bend in the thumb which  gives the thumb  and fingers a more relaxing position. This scissor helps  reduce the pain and helps prevent  (RSI).

Swivel Thumb  is the ultimate best hair scissors  and hair thinning scissors available for RSI

If you are in pain, numbness, tingling in any of the areas already mentioned above, you can eliminate the pain by using hair scissors and Hair Thinning Scissors with a swivel thumb.

In the last 20 years we have changed so many hairdressers over to these scissors and it has eliminated  and reduced the problem.  Some were just about to have surgery or give up hairdressing. We requested they try these scissors and give them a couple of weeks.  Everyone we have told and has used these  hair scissors has been more than pleased and I have had no one that it hasn’t helped.

Swivel  thumb hair scissors and Hair Thinning Scissors  relaxes your thumb which releases tension in the wrist,  arm, shoulder and back.  The Teris  minor, supraspinatus  and Deltold  muscle is relaxed and the shoulder then drops down in a relaxed position without you knowing, when cutting.

Hairdressers see and try the Katana Swivel  Hair Scissors  and Hair Thinning scissors today for your comfort and wellbeing.


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Pain in Wrist, Hand, Arm, Shoulder & Back


Eliminating and  or reducing pain in your wrist, arm shoulder or back by using the right  Hair  Scissors and Hair Thinning scissors.



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