28 Oct



Why is There  confusion in the quality of  hair scissors and thinning scissors in the market place?

There are many Hair Scissors marked with  “Japan “ , “Made in Japan”,  Japan Steel etc  that  have no  Japanese Steel in them at all.  The steel is from China, Pakistan or elsewhere.

Copies  of reputable  brands in  hair scissors  and thinning scissors with inferior steel are flooding the market.

Japanese Steel is one of the  best in the world, that’s why they like to mark the scissor “Japan” .  There are no regulations in place in the hair scissor market to stop this deception.

 The quality of steel in Japanese hair scissors for example is:- SUS420J2, SUS440A, SUS440C, ATS314 , and  SG2 – Super Gold Micro steel.

Some markings on scissors are marked with some of the above, but have no Japanese steel in them at all.

The importance of quality steel in  scissors,  determines a  longer life, out lasts in performance and durability, and  saves you money in the long run.  When the Japanese hair scissors are   correctly sharpened,  the edge will  perform and stay sharp longer than other inferior scissors. The edge of the scissor will slice, scissor overcome and point cut  effortlessly and  smoothly.

To know what quality steel is in your scissors, you need to purchase a recognized original brand, or if  new brands come on the market, choose  from a supplier that specializes in hair scissors, thinning scissors and is reputable and knows the material used in the scissors.  Ask the scissor companies if they are original brands, what type of steel they are made from  and  are the scissors Japanese Steel, German Steel or Pakistan steel.

The steel is so bad in some of these inferior hair scissors that the steel crumbles when attempted to be sharpened and they loose their cutting edge after 1 – 4 weeks in use. Some have faulty adjusting screws which cannot be replace.

Some Wholesalers are charging hairdressers the same  prices for hair scissors and thinning scissors in inferior steel  which claim to have Japanese Steel. The price is sometimes more expensive than original Japanese Steel scissors. So be aware.  At you are guaranteed original brands, quality and assurance of Japanese steel. Most of our scissors are purchased from the factories guaranteeing you the quality and original brand.

Steel certificate from Japan available.


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